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OBX Vacation Rental Home Sold

My wife and I interviewed three real estate agents when we decided to sell our home.  We chose Dan Lester even though the other two agents were with much larger firms.  We chose Dan based on his knowledge and the confidence that he had.  In addition, the house we were selling was a Vacation Rental Home.  Besides in depth knowledge of the local real estate market, Dan had impressive knowledge on the Vacation Rental market!  Far more that the other two agents we spoke with.

Another differentiator with Dan was his astute knowledge of internet marketing.  He did let us know upfront that all of his marketing efforts are online.  As an technology professional myself, this hit home!  He addressed how he can provide analytics for his marketing of our home to support his efforts.  He also let us know that by using the internet he can target the demographics  that were more likely to purchase our home.

Within 30 days of listing the home we received 2 offers that were much lower than what we would sell the house for.  Dan reminded us to be patient as he was confident with the suggested list price.  About a week later we received a third offer that was well below the list price but through negotiations Dan was able to achieve a sales price that was very near what we paid for the house at the peak of the market.

We highly recommend Dan to anyone who is looking to sell their property on the Outer Banks.

The Perfect OBX Home

Dan was awesome! My husband and I viewed about 8-9 houses with Dan and fell in love with one. He negotiated for us to get a better price and within a week, we were under contract. He’s been so helpful since then – as we lived 6 hours away – being there for carpet cleaning, appraisals, inspections, etc. He even helped us install a new stove after we moved in! We will recommend Dan to all our friends who decide to make the move to the Outer Banks!

Outer Banks Dream Home

After working with two other Outer Banks Real Estate Professionals we were about to give up our search.  The two other agents that we worked with were not able to help us find the ideal home.  We were looking for a home that we could rent for a few years until we were able to move down permanently.  We met with Dan Lester, now our third agent, as he was referred to us by a local business owner.

We knew from our first visit with Dan that the outcome this time would be different.  Dan asked detailed questions and listened more than the other Agents we encountered.  It was during our first meeting that Dan asked a question that the other agents did not.  He asked if we would be interested in building a dream house.  He pointed out that many of the currently build Vacation Rental Homes that we were looking at lacked some of the things that we would want when we moved in full time.  One of the items was closet space and storage.  He pointed out that Vacation Homes on the Outer Banks that were built in the last 12 years were designed to accommodate as many bedrooms as possible which translated to a lack of closet space.  This was just one item but was important to us.

Dan noted that land was cheap at this point and that we could build something for as much as we were looking to buy and existing home for.  We agreed to this new strategy and began looking at lots the next day.  The first two lots we looked at fit the bill but were missing the space that we wanted.  The third lot Dan showed us was perfect but there was no “For Sale” sign on the lot.  Dan stated that he knew the lot would be perfect for us and that he would contact the owner to see if he can negotiate a sale.

I am happy to say that Dan succeeded and negotiated a sale that worked perfectly for both us and the owner of the lot.  Dan set us up with a few builders to interview and now we are on our way to making our dream a reality.

We would not have a problem recommending Dan to anyone looking for a great real estate agent!!